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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Wash Wizards 2-1-2016

If you ever wonder why your newly bought clothes look like they have been used for years we might have just found an answer – you just don’t take enough care of them. It might sound obvious, but there are few things that should always be considered when it comes to clothes.

Wear your clothes well – laundering clothing shortens its lifespan and Americans are chronic over-washers. Try to rotate – split your clothing into three groups (each group should include both work and weekend outfits), then wear each group for 6 to 8 weeks, or however long you want the cycle to be. That way you’re sure to wear all your clothes, instead of a few items all the time and the rest hardly ever.

Wash your clothes smartly – follow the label instructions for everything and sort your clothes. It might sounds obvious but you probably threw once or twice clothes together without looking at colors or temperatures – it really makes a difference. If something says “Dry Clean Only” there’s a reason for that label – be sure to follow all instructions to keep your clothes looking good fro longer.

Store your clothes right – requirements of proper storage for all clothing and textiles, regardless of their fiber content are really easy to follow – clean, dark and dry. Don’t store clothes you’ve just worn or that have stains, since stains that are invisible become darkened over time, and soiled clothing also attracts insects such as moths. Sunlight is the enemy of clothing, so make sure the storage space is dark, but also make sure clothing is completely dry before it’s stored—mold and mildew grow in damp, dark places. And never store your clothes in damp places or near the ground.

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