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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

“We tell our customers we’re going to do the best job possible for the least amount of money. We will provide the best value for the money they spend.”

That is the promise of Kevin Shaw, owner of Kevin Shaw Plumbing, Inc one of the major plumbing companies in the San Gabriel Valley area. Established in 1982, Kevin Shaw Plumbing, Inc. provides a variety of services, like kitchen plumbing, bathroom plumbing, high efficiency water heaters, and sewer and drain cleaning.

Their catalogue of accomplishments is impressive: Nexstar Select Service Seal Of Approval Award Winner, Beacon Media Reader’s Choice “Best Plumber” award winner 2008 – 2013, Better Business Bureau A+ rating, Los Angeles Contractor of the Year (PHCC-GLAA), and Service Roundtable Contributor of the Year.

What makes Kevin Shaw Plumbing, Inc more than your typical plumbing company? Kevin Shaw has one answer: His plumbers.

“Our motto is ‘We’re neat clean and courteous. Definitely not your stereotypical plumber,’” said Shaw.

Kevin Shaw Plumbing, Inc. plumbers are trained to do the job…and do it well.

“Every plumber that we have on staff has been to the local Plumbing trade school, for at least 3 years” said Shaw. “Besides just having on-the-job training, they also have the theory and knowledge of why you do certain things, and they all know the code extremely well.”

Kevin Shaw Plumbing, Inc. believes in continuing education. We spend a lot of time and resources continually training our people in technical skills as well as people skills, said Shaw. “We are always striving to set the bar of professional service higher and higher. Our clients expect it and deserve it.”

His highly qualified and well-trained plumbers go around town and commit themselves to excellent, unparalleled service. Clients can trust them, because Kevin made sure that they all fit the criteria and meet his strict standards.

“Before they’re hired, everybody here goes through a thorough background check– criminal, psychological. We do a thorough battery of everybody, by the same companies that LAPD and other agencies use when they’re background checking people,” explained Shaw.

Kevin Shaw’s attention to quality work and proper training is paramount. And because they emphasize on doing the job correctly and to code the first time around, they offer some of the best warranties around. “We spend a lot of our time, having to completely redo what the other companies improperly installed,” said Shaw.

Another unique facet of Kevin Shaw’s business is its planned maintenance program, priced at $13.25 a month. Shaw explained: “It provides our partner-clients a discount depending on the service. They get priority service. They never pay overtime.” Basic general inspection is free for club members.

Shaw, a founding member of the Service Roundtable (the largest independent association for plumbing, heating, cooling contractors in the United States), added that while plumbing is serious work, it has its funny moments, too.

Kevin recalls, “A toilet was clogged and we just couldn’t get it unclogged. We had to take the toilet out and we ended up finding about 30 of these little toy soldiers down in the drain,” “And the customer was aghast and she looked at her son and said, ‘What did you do?’ The little boy said, “Those were the ones that died. We bury them.’”

Shaw laughs at the memory. It’s moments like those that make his job worthwhile.

Kevin Shaw Plumbing, Inc. is located at 224 E. Foothill Blvd Monrovia. For more information, call (626) 359-1864 or visit

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