Get Organized Already, and Master that Closet Once and For All

Friday, June 1, 2018


Having a big closet comes with its perks. It means you can buy more clothes and leave your room looking mess-free.

But what happens when your closet becomes an untidy place instead? It’s easy to pile too much in there and shut the door, leaving it for another day.

Luckily, has some quick and easy tips to declutter your closet. Before doing anything, ensure you have the basics: trash bags for donations and boxes to separate items.

The experts advise using a technique called ‘shop your closet.’ Instead of taking out the things you don’t want, this involves ‘shopping’ by taking out the things you do want to keep. Tip: only keep the things you’re actually going to wear.

Then it’s the fun part: getting rid of those cluttering items. Put any decent items in a bag to donate to charity. If anything has holes or rips, simply throw it away.

Once you’ve put everything in its right place, recommends pushing all of your empty hangers to one side. Then begin to put the clothes you want back on the rail. Put the hangers the wrong way round so that you can tell what you have worn in a few months’ time. This will help with later clear outs. If you’re a little confused, you can see exactly what to do here:

You can even organize the clothes on the rail. Try doing it by color, season or style depending on how much you have and how long you want to spend organizing.

Work in sections. Start with tops and shirts, then pants, accessories etc. until you’ve completed your entire closet.

As well as your closet, can help you declutter your entire house. Whether you just can’t face it alone or want someone else to do all of the work for you, contact the professionals and get the job done right.

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