How to Create a Relaxing Minimalist Landscape

Friday, February 5, 2016

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The minimalist landscape design proves that less could be more. That limiting use of design elements does not make your yard or garden less interesting. If anything, it makes it all the more neat, elegant,and calming.

The minimalistic style approach is ideal for elders who could no longer afford the additional task of maintaining a garden, frequent travelers who are often away from home, or busy individuals who want to keep their landscape looking at its best with minimal upkeep.

Let’s look at few tips how you can create a relaxing minimalist landscape you’d love to share with your guests or enjoy all on your own.

Incorporate hardscapes. Use hardscapes as paving material and keep the look understated. You can also use gravel in pathways or decorate with rocks instead of plants.

Set off areas with walls. Separate sections of your yard with walls or fences, making sure that they blend well with the outdoor flooring and the rest of the surroundings. The simpler, the better. Maintain clean lines and leave the walls or fences unadorned.

Add drought-tolerant plants. A minimalist yard is known for its use of hardscapes although plants can still be incorporated in the design to soften the space. Drought-tolerant plants are a suitable choice for a minimalist garden as they thrive with minimal upkeep.

Go for neutral tones. Creating a minimalist landscape goes beyond limiting design components. It’s also about working on a limited color palette. Neutral colors are recommended as they work well with natural elements in your garden such as plants. Plus, they help create a relaxed, clutter-free atmosphere.

Use unique plant containers. Showcase unique and minimalist planters in lieu of the traditional garden lawns, and keep the color scheme limited for a unified appeal.

Enhance an empty space and skip the lush vegetation. Add flair to your landscape with the least components as possible. Share these tips to your friends so they, too, can enjoy the benefits of a relaxing minimalist landscape.

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