How to Fix the Most Common Roof Problems

Friday, August 9, 2019

How to Fix the Most Common Roof Problems

The summer is about to end and soon enough, in a few months, the winter is coming. At this point of the year, the most significant question that you need to ask yourself about your home and its maintenance is whether your roof is ready for the rain and snow? If the answer is “no” then we would recommend you to take safety measures right now before things get worse.

Even if you think that your roof will bear the extremities of the weather coming up, read this article where we will introduce some roof common problems to you and how they can be solved.

Common Roof Problems

There are several roof problems common at different states or places according to the climate of the region one resides in. Some of these issues are briefly explained below:

● Roof Leaks and Moisture:
One of the most common roof problems is a roof leak. Here, we are not only referring to the leak that allows water into the premises of your building, but the intervention of dust, mold, and even dirt as well.

● Pooled Water:
Have you been noticing small pools of water settling on your roofs and ignoring them? Maybe you should take notice of them now. These small pools of accumulated water may end up causing problems like leakage in a long run.

● Punctures, Holes and Penetrations:
As odd as it may sound, punctures and holes or penetrations are found in roofs which were built long ago. These can be caused due to climatic change, wildlife and even simple foot traffic. These can cause your underlying wood to rot.

● Shrinkage:
Again, a damage that is caused due to climatic change. Shrinkage in the roof materials can cause ugly cracks, deterioration and even flashing.

● Cracking and Blistering:
If you ignored the shrinkage of your roof and now it is cracked or has blisters or ridges, it is not too late yet. You need to get your cracks repaired properly so that it may not cause a greater problem.

● Snow and Ice Damage:
Snow and Ice can cause serious damage to your roof. They melt to form water and this water can seep through your roof creating leakage or moisture. In other case, if this melted snow refreezes, it can cause cracks, and can even lift your roof’s flashing or shingles, creating gaps.

● Poor Installation:
Choosing inexperienced, and un-skilled workforce to install your roofing might have saved your money now but it will put a heavy strain on your pocket in the long run. Such roofs have a short life-expectancy and long-term complications.

● Tree Damage:
If a tree falls onto your roof or even if you have a branch rubbing against it, it will cause damage to the roofing sooner or later. They can scratch the top layer of the roof and this can later result into cracks or even leakage.

● Clogged Gutters:
If your gutters are clogged or blocked, they will cause problems for the draining water on your roof. This will result in the water accumulation on your roof and which will eventually lead to rotting the eaves.

● Poor Maintenance:
If diagnosed in time, these problems are all fixable. But poor maintenance can lead to causing permanent damage to your roof which will be really expensive to be fixed later.

How to Fix These Problems

According to the National Roofing Contractors, roof inspection is mandatory for at least twice a year; in spring and fall. And as we have mentioned above, poor maintenance leads to making problems worse. But if that’s the case then who should one ask maintenance for?

There are several good names to pursue for your roof maintenance like JB Wholesale Roofing and Building Supply Inc. The company has been serving the state of California and its roofs for more than 40 years now. Such roofing companies can help you maintain your roofs against all the problems, cracks and deteriorations.

JB Wholesale Roofing and Building Supply Inc. offer services for fixing or installing your roofs with quality materials. Among the products they offer are roof tiles, metal roofs, slate and synthetic roofs, wood shake and shingles, underlayment, ice and water barriers, and even deals in solar products. With services in residential, commercial or contracting sectors, JB is the one of the best roofing options that California has got.

JB Wholesale Roofing and Building Supply Inc. have around 11 branches with personnel that are available between 6:30am to 4:30pm in weekdays and 7:30am to 12pm on Saturdays. The main branch is located in Nordhoff Street, Chatsworth, California.




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