Now that You’ve Started on that Closet, Go Ahead and Finish Organizing It

Monday, June 4, 2018


You may already be familiar with’s closet clearing technique for tops, shirts and jackets. If not, don’t panic.

The following techniques will work for your entire closet and all you’ll need is a few trash or charity donation bags ready.

The experts at recommend thinking of the biggest category of clothes you have in your closet. Start with that first and spend just a few minutes taking everything else out of your closet and onto your bed so you have space to move.

Then go through the same process as before, throwing away the things that you don’t want and putting them in a bag to either give to charity or go straight into the bin. This video neatly times each category so you don’t spend too long dithering:

Once you’re left with the things you do intend to keep, organize them in whichever way you see fit. (And don’t forget to put them on the rail with the hanger facing the wrong way so that you can see just what you do end up wearing in the next year.)

While you may think that some of your items are worth a bit of money, advises staying away from sites like eBay unless you’re a seasoned pro. Selling can take a long time on these sites so it may be best to visit a consignment store to see what your best goods are worth.

Once you’ve come to the end, take a moment to check that you’ve got everything and don’t forget to take some time to throw any bad quality hangers away. After all, you don’t need things breaking or falling off in your brand spanking new closet.

So if you’ve managed to sort your closet with the help of, you may be wondering what else they can help you with in your home. Why not contact them and find out? Remember that two pairs of hands are often better than one.

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