What Happens When You Drop a Ring Down the Drain

Monday, February 15, 2016

Keithley Plumbing 2-15-2016

Things can happen. You take off your rings to wash your hands and you heart stops while you are watching it falling down the drain. No need to panic yet! There is still a way to save your precious things – but you need to act quickly.

Phyllis from Keithley Plumbing advises people to stop running the water immediately. “Usually if something has already fallen down the drain it’s going to be in that trap underneath,” Phyllis said.

Despite what you may read on the internet, Keithley does not recommend “taking apart” the plumbing yourself. Keithley recalls retrieving necklaces and rings from pipes as well as cleaning up after an amateur plumbing and attempting to reconnect the piping.

“In order to take [the pipes] apart you have to unscrew several different connectors. And whenever people put those back together, they never get them right and that may cause leaks… Just try to get somebody out right away to take it apart and pull the item out,” she said.

Call a professional plumber if you have any doubts, because blind attempts to recover the lost piece can make the case worse!

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