Why You Should Consider a Tankless Water Heater

Friday, May 12, 2017

Keithley Plumbing 5-12-2017

If you are thinking about going tankless, you are thinking about making the right decision! Tankless water heaters are 30-40% more efficient than tank water heaters. They cost less to operate, save water, occupy less space and still provide a continuous flow of hot water. Here are the most important benefits of going tankless:

1. Continuous hot water – great for families, there is no more compromising on hot water usage or scheduling your family’s bathing times.
2. More space – tankless hot water heaters take up significantly less room than traditional water heaters. They can be mounted on a wall, installed outdoors or indoors.
3. Reduced heating costs – enjoy monthly savings up to 40% off your utility bill for the life of the product.
4. Safety – there’s no possibility of flooding due to a ruptured tank
5. Always clean water – with tankless you avoid using water that has been stored in a tank with accumulated rust and scale.
6. Energy efficiency – they only need enough power to heat the amount of water necessary at any given moment.
7. Easy to use – most units are operated by remote control and have up to four separate settings available.
8. Long-lasting – they last longer than tank heaters

Water heater installation and repairs require a certified technician, and with Keithley Plumbing a certified tech is exactly what you’ll get. Plumbers drain and haul away your old water heater for recycling. They install the new water heater in accordance with California code. The technician will fill and test the new unit to ensure everything works properly. The unit will be earthquake strapped so it sits or hangs securely in the event of an emergency.

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