Why You Should Embrace Transitional Style

Monday, February 13, 2017

Dining Room

Transitional style is the answer to your interior design woes – this unfussy style is the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary. It’s known for being comfortable and livable with characteristics like neutral colors and uncomplicated silhouettes.

“[Transitional] style has a modern flair that grabs people’s attention, “ said David Reaume, founder of David Reaume Construction and Design.

Reaume incorporated transitional ideas into the Dining Room and Conservancy at this year’s Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts. He will use a subtle nature motif with beehive ceiling lamps and nature-inspired hexagon wallpaper in the Conservancy and with birch wallpaper and a rock crystal mirror in the Dining Room.

“I like everything to be very cohesive and symmetrical,” he said.

Reaume will use a color palette of black, white and shades of silver and gold in both rooms. The hexagon pattern will also be shared among the two spaces. Small details like the comfortable white leather and walnut dining room chairs will ensure that the space is inviting.

“I like to create rooms that beckon you to come in and use them,” said Reaume.

He believes transitional style is something people can easily adopt in their own homes since it has a broad appeal and works well with many types of homes. He suggests adding pieces one at a time to ease your style makeover.

“Start with something that’s really spectacular in each room,” he said.

Whether you choose to focus on a jaw dropping chandelier or cozy fireplace, it’s a good idea to ensure each room has a focus before beginning to design a room. Also be sure to keep the entire house in mind so that your rooms work harmoniously.

Visit the Showcase House for the Arts in April to see experience transitional style for yourself. For more design tips visit David Reaume Construction and Design at 275 East Green St. #1445 or online at www.davidreaume.com.

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