Natural, Solar Lighting Sources for those Hard to Reach Areas of Your Home

Sunday, May 27, 2018

JB Solatube 1

Having enough natural light in your home is a privilege only afforded to some. A lot of us are faced with dark corners that could use a little sunlight.

Luckily, solar technology can now be brought into the home. And JB Wholesale Roofing and Building Supplies Inc. are the ones to do it.

JB Solatube 2

JB Wholesale Roofing and Building Supplies can get you some tubular daylighting devices, otherwise known as TDDs, to help bring daylight to the places that windows can’t reach. They are an affordable and sustainable way of brightening up your home, and can even lower your electricity bill a little.

The technology is able to block out infrared and ultraviolet rays, reducing overheating and stopping furniture from fading. The device captures light using a rooftop dome. It then transfers the sunlight through a reflective tube that goes from roof to ceiling where it is released into a room via a diffuser. Find out more about the technology here:

Solatube Premier Dealers Install Solatube Daylighting Systems from Solatube International on Vimeo.

You can choose from a range of lighting effects to suit your home environment with the device taking only two hours to install. There is also no mess and you’ll be eligible for a 30% tax credit if you decide to go with a TDD, and JB Wholesale Roofing and Building Supplies has everything you need to get this type of lighting installed into your home making it even more beautiful.

JB Solatube 3

Each TDD also comes with a NightLight which lights up a room after dark. The devices can be installed pretty much anywhere including tiny or hard-to-reach spaces.

So if you’d like to cut your energy bills while helping the planet, contact JB Wholesale Roofing and Building Supplies. for a quote. They’re guaranteed to make your home a brighter place.



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